Here it is, the picture gallery, but don't expect to find any pictures of Goku and the gang here!  Well, at least not any flattering poses of them or anything.  This gallery is dedicated entirely to--you guessed it--Turles.  Just click on a thumbnail and view at your pleasure. 

I'm probably guessing that some of these screen-captures belong to other people who aren't going to be too happy I used them on my site.  I got most of these pics several years ago and can't remember the sites they came from, or otherwise I would give them credit.  Besides, I'm a pirate: stealing is what I do best! Heh, heh, heh.


I've also included two backgrounds I made in the pictures section.  These are the first backgrounds I've ever made, so don't expect anything spectacular.  They both feature Turles and look great on the desktop of my computer, if I do say so myself.  Enjoy!

For those times when you're bored at work, now you can entertain yourself and look busy all at the same time while you work on these Turles jigsaw puzzles hosted by  Click on the links below for these specific puzzles.  You can change the number and shape of the pieces by clicking on the "Shapes" button at the side of the puzzle board.  Enjoy!

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